The first to discover the remains of Naia.

Recently Alejandro Alvarez, director of the Project Speleological Tulum (PET), announced one of the most important findings of contemporary history. Alexander, along with his expedition mates Nava and Alberto Franco Atollini placed the bones of animals and humans of the Ice Age in a hole 50 to 60 meters deep located in one of the underground rivers near Tulum and named The Black Hole. Although reported his name and location, I prefer not to continue reporting it because of its historical significance, it is preferable to keep secret the location. …..Full entreview clik here Medill -News Chicago 2014.

Mystery of Black Hole Maya Literature, full post … 2014

The largest underground rivers in the world are around Tulum, Quintana Roo, are known as Aktun Ha, Nohoch Nachich Autlan, Sac Actun, Oxbel Ha and Dos Ojos. Reckless divers have entered some decades the sacred hollows to explore and have located the skeletal remains of prehistoric animals and skeletons of individuals considered the oldest in the Americas. ………….cont. clik here


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